[updated 04.08.06]

1. Does each theme have to have a kiss?
Yes. But the interpretation of a kiss is up to you. It can be as metaphorical as you want. It also doesn't have to be a kiss between the two characters that you're writing. Or it could have already happened or be about to happen, just as long as there's one there somewhere. The exception is if you are writing two or more themes into one storyline, and it's important to the story that they don't kiss until a certain point. But in that case, you should try to get other kinds of kisses in there if you can.

2. Can I write and do artwork for the same couple?

3. Is incest okay?
This is actually our most frequently asked question, but we didn't really want to start with it. Yes, incest is okay. If it wasn't for Fujicest, this community would have never been created in the first place.

4. What does kHz mean?
kHz is an abbreviation for kilohertz, which is the measurement of the frequency of sound waves.

5. What is Wada Calcium CD3 used for?
According to a babelfish translation of the website, it's a calcium supplement for the growing, the elderly, and those who don't get enough sunlight or fish.

6. Is it okay if I include other characters or pairings?
Yes, as long as the fic/drawing/whatever is about your pairing at heart. (For example, if your pairing is Tezuka/Oishi, and Tezuka is going all emo because he thinks Oishi is dating Eiji, that's fine.)

7. Can I have one entry count for more than one theme?
That kind of goes against the spirit of the challenge, but I'm not going to yell at you if you do.

8. How often is the sign-up list updated?
At least weekly. If it's been a week, contact the mod.

9. I don't know how to make an lj-cut!
The LiveJournal FAQ page tells you how to do all kinds of fun and interesting things, including how to make lj-cuts.

10. What's up with theme #10?
#10 is #10.

11. Is.allowed?
Original characters, original stories, OCs with fandom characters, crossovers between two fandoms, AU stories and songfics are all acceptable. Icons and/or banners are not. (Try iconfiend100 for things such as that.)

12. What if I can't make the two month deadline?
You can request an extension. We're usually pretty nice about things like that.

13. Can I pimp my community here? Do you guys want to affiliate?
Only fic/art may be posted to this community. If you want to advertise, please see this post. We are not accepting affiliates at this time.

14. My fic wasn't archived!
All entries are archived once a week. Please let two weeks pass before notifying us of a missing memory. If you do not want your entry archived, please state so in the header.

15. Do the themes have to be written in a particular order?

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