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This entry is so you can easily communication with the mods.  Leave questions, comments and concerns as a reply and we'll address them within a week.

Thank you.

art is allowed but you said no icons/banners.
By art we mean original art that you create yourself, no a recomposition of previously produced materials.
I recently created a new LJ solely for things I write so they wouldn't get cluttered up with my personal life entries. I am currently doing the challenge of Envy/Winry Rockbell from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist, and I was wondering if it would be too much trouble to change the claimer from this account to the other? If so I understand, if not thank you--and here is my new account. ^^

Not a problem. Thanks for letting us know and the claims list is updated.
You said that art is allowed, and I'm sure this is a stupid question, but does that include doujinshi?
There are no stupid questions!

Absolutely doujinshi are allowed!

I just wanted to clear up my pairing. I write Ginny/Draco for Harry Potter but when I updated recently, I was told there is someone new writing my pairing. I've been really careful about reading the drop lists and such, and when I just now went back through them, my name/pairing has never been on them. Yet, the claimed list now lists the new writer as the current writer.

Have I missed something? Please let me know if I need to delete my newest entry or not, and who gets to continue writing.

Thank you
After some research, we discovered that the fault is ours entirely. Apparently your claim was deleted by mistake.

I apologize for the inconvience but the only fair result of this is that you both continue writing for the pairing. You won't share the pairing, just work independently of each other.

I hope that's okay and I apologize again for the problems.
Could you please change my claim journal? I've decided to keep my continuing works on this community under my neglected fic journal, anthyh2000.

My pairing is Inui Sadaharu/Fuji Shuusuke from Prince of Tennis.

Sincerely, Anthy murasaki_plum
Thanks for letting us know. The list is updated to reflect the change.

Sorry for all the trouble, but I'm moving all the public writing posts to jellypond, and keeping the claim!journal locked.
Would it be all right to switch the claim name?

It was Prince of Tennis, Fuji Syuusuke/Kirihara Akaya.

Thanks so much... I'll begin posting soon.
Thanks for letting us know! The claim list is now updated to reflect this.
Hey, Mods, just needed to post (at request of isotoria) that I've changed my name from cute__nessie to this. (I'm doing the Cowboy Bebop Spike Speigel/Julia claim.)

We actually have derlirum down as doing this pairing so I'm a bit confused.

When did you claim it?
Would it be alright to include poems at the end of each story? Not original poems, but poems by other people that remind you of the theme and/or the story? You'd include their name in the disclaimer, right?
Not sure...

-Thanks. You guys do a great job. I -heart- this community.
Thank you :)

And yes, it's fine so long as there is original content preceeding it. And yes please, make sure that there is an indication of who the actual author is whether in the disclaimer or at the end of the poem its.
Just letting you know that my claims will be posted from my new journal dedicated to my writing, elysium_writing. Please change the claims list.
Hi! ^^/
I was getting a look in the memories, and saw that my most recent post wasn't up there yet, and since it was posted in March 25th, I thought it was better to warn you guys, just in case it was forgotten or something.

Here's the link to the post, to make it easier. :D

Thanks for pointing it out. Just so you know for the future, we have a seperate thread for missing memories so you can get a faster response.
Hmm, is RPS allowed?
Yes, just remember the disclaimer on all your entries and make sure it mentions that it is piece of fiction.
Hi, i gotta question for ya and not sure where it belongs in..I tried to go into the request an extension, but it didn't work...I've been working on my little fics (actually I'm done with em), but I am leaving on Monday and running outta time to send em and I was wondering if I could send em when I get back? I'm going outta town for 2 weeks..Like I said, they are done...I am just really busy later...Finishing the running around...Thanks...
Ah, sorry I forgot to leave a clarification for where the extensions page went. We only put it up when we're close to purge time so the next one is June 1st and you should be fine.

Sorry for the confusion, I'll go fix that right now.
It didn't say on the FAQ so, I just wanted to ask a question.

Can two themes be combined?
Ahhh, nevermind!! Sorry for asking such a stupid question!!
If the pairings I want to write are all taken, may I use the themes to write them on my own? Credit for the themes would be given to this community, of course.

Thank you very much!
Sure. In fact, I've known people to write the themes and then wait until the pairing is free, claim it and post what they've written.

I am in charge of the Naruto/Sakura pairing from the series Naruto and I would like to move the challenge to my other user account for personal reasons. Could you change this username to userKaorudono?

If not, I understand. Thank you for your time.
Thanks for letting us know! Your pairing is now updated.