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The date below is the last day entries have been archived. If your memory is still not archived, please comment here.

Memories are currently up to date until October 25th, 2009

Ah... my entries aren't missing exactly but they are stored in different places. Most are under Fushigi Yuugi but I believe one is by itself under FY.

I don't know if this matters but I thought I'll let you know. ^__^

Thank you.
Thanks for the heads up! With some many people helping us out with memories sometimes we get our wires crossed.

Anyway, it should be fixed now!
Well, my entry was archived as: DDS: Cielo/Gala

Is Gale :P, not Gala. I hope that can be changed when anyone have some time, thank you :). Sorry for being a bother ;O;.
Gotta love typos.

It's fixed!
i was browsing through the memories and noticed that you have aquaflares's pairing of iori and takeru stored in two different places. one as digimon:iori/takeru and the other under digimon:takeru/iori sorry if i was a bother.
Thanks for the catch. It's fixed now!
It's been over two weeks since I posted this kiss. The ones posted after got caught, so I'm thinking this might have slipped through.

Sorry if this is a bother :/
No worries. Thanks for letting us know. It's fixed now.
This entry does not appear to have been archived.
Thank you for letting us now. It should be added now.
My entry's not memoried. It was posted on March 24th.
the mod for that week finished a couple of days ago. It should be fine now
Hello. Sorry to bother, but this kiss I wrote a while ago was never placed in memories.

Thank you. ^^
Ah! Oops. To be more specific, it's not placed in the CCS: Eriol/Sakura memories folder.
This entry, http://community.livejournal.com/30_kisses/1046623.html#cutid1, from march 27th never got added to the memories.
Thanks for lettng us know. It should be added now.
My first two entries were never archived, as far as I know

http://community.livejournal.com/30_kisses/1048760.html - here's the first one. The second one after that is http://community.livejournal.com/30_kisses/1050298.html

There. ^^ Thanks again
Okay, thanks for letting us know. They should be properly archived now.
None of my entries have been placed in the memories. I hope this isn't a bother...
I need the fandom and pairing and links to the entries please.
My most recent Kiss (posted March 29) wasn't archived. (Fruits Basket, Haru/Rin.) Thanks!
Okay, it should be added now.
Behind the Eight Ball, theme #14: http://community.livejournal.com/30_kisses/1059807.html#cutid1

Thank you!
Okay, should be added now!
This kiss of mine never got added to the memories.
It should be correctly added now.

^That one is missing from my memories (RenoxRufus - Final Fantasy VII). You guys have #1-10 and 12, but no #11. ^^; Just dropping by to let you know~
Thanks for letting us know. It should be up to date now.
Where I Belong - Part 3: End of the Day (FF8, Squall/Zell, #24: Good night)
- http://community.livejournal.com/30_kisses/1055437.html

This is missing from FF8 (or FFVIII) Squall/Zell. Yay for this thread, thanks!
Thanks for letting us know. It should be ffixed now!