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One of the most common questions we get is if members can advertise for their themed communities here on 30_kisses. After careful consideration, we've decided to allow it -- but only at this thread. Advertising posts will not be allowed at the main community, but if you'd like to advertise, please comment here with a link to the community and a brief summary of what goes on there.

As always, please direct any comments, questions or issues to this post.
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20_songs is a claims community in which a writer/artist will claim a character or couple and then write/draw 20 works for that claim. The trick is that each work has to be based on or inspired by a song! Go check it out. It's just getting started, so there are plenty of characters you can claim. :)

30_smiles is my writing challenge comm. It allows you to pick up to two couples and produce any kind of fanfic/fanart based on a basic themes set and a specific theme... *smiling*.

Please check it out, people!
5ive_times_over is a multi-theme comm I just set up! The challenge in this community is to create a single drabble wrapped around five themes comprising of 1) a constellation, 2) a song, 3) a color, 4) an object and 5) a flower. So basically, this is like a multiple theme community but limiting up to 5 themes in one drabble. There are five sets and you can come up with as many combinations as you like.

Please check it out! :D
30_memoirs is a themed community for writing personal memoirs, with options to lock your posts if you like.

sw_mythology is a themed Star Wars fanworks community with mythological themes.
It revolves around mythological themes, many of which the Star Wars saga itself was based on. Any sort of fanfiction/art is welcome, be it gen, slash, het, or any combination of them.
antiotpficathon is a challenge where you have to write for a pairing you hate or don't get and you have to write it as you would any other pairing you actually do like and get.
7_crossovers is a themed crossover community where you can claim either a pairing, character, or series for the crossover. :3
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unlimited_sound is a themed community that I just finished setting up!

The idea is that monthly I post a list of songs and you need to post a work based or inspired by one or more of them. We run on claims. The reason we're called unlimited is because there is no limit for how long you have to have your claim for. You can keep working on it for as long as you like, be it two months or three years.

We except art or any kind, banners and icons included, and any kind of fiction be it original or fan. We've only just started so everything is available for claims currently :)
How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways....

30_ways is a writing and art challenge community based on a set of thirty themes for love of all kinds. Fics/art need not be limited to romantic and/or sexual love--familial love (incestuous or otherwise), platonic love, and twisted love are all welcome.

Threesomes, incest, shounen/shoujo-ai, het, and yaoi/yuri are all welcome equally. Ratings from G up to NC-17 for fic and R for art are allowed.

Sample themes:

#07 - Good Morning
#16 - Honesty
#20 - [Insert Lyrics Here]
#29 - See the World My Way
The challenge is to write fanfiction for a scenario that involves a blizzard, hypothermia and one blanket. Fanfic writers for ALL ANIME fandoms are welcome to join and participate! For more info, please visit the Comm or click here: http://community.livejournal.com/one_blanket/profile
50 Disney Songfics

Just like it sounds, you can sign up for any fandom, any character or any pairing (really the sky's the limit here) you choose a table either general or romantic and you write 50 songfics based on Disney songs.

Your story can be any length, whether a paragraph or a long chaptered fic. The choice is yours!
30_soldiers is a fic challenge comm exclusively for tokusatsu-- things like Super Sentai, Ultraman, even Power Rangers. You can claim a series, a character, or a pairing (romantic or friends). We just started up so a lot of themes are still open. :)
Love Just Is

This is a challenge fic community for the Beast BoyXRaven pairing if Teen Titans. There are 19 themes to choose from. The only requirment really is to have some BB/Rae in there. If you finish all the themes, you get a small prize /award.
10_hiddenrealms is a community based on the principle that, let's face it, not every couple is plausible in the given fandom universe. Therefore, sometimes a writer must invent alternate universes and that's where 10_hiddenrealms comes into play. There are ten themes in each given set, plus five bonus themes, and all couples from any fandom, anime, crossover, or otherwise, are permitted.
5_sense is a multifandom challenge community I just started based on the 5 senses. Touch, taste, sight, smell and sound.

So go check it out! ^^
Hi all! I've recently started an lj Harry Potter fanfic challenge community (wow, that's a mouthful 0_o). I'd love it if you would all come by and check it out, join up, offer thoughts and advice, and read some of the fiction already posted (there's not much yet, since I just started the comm 3 days ago!).

Thanks, 30_kisses mods, for letting us pimp here!